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London Heat Loss - Get a quote for your area now

We now have complete aerial infra-red heat loss surveys for most of London available immediately.  The data can be georectified and georeferenced. 

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Click the image to see which building is releasing so much hot air.

Exeter City Council launch
Hotmapping Data Online

Exeter is the latest city to publish heat loss data online.

Hotmapping.co.uk provided a complete survey of Exeter in the first quarter of 2009.

A total 79,679 buildings were analysed, provided with a heat loss value and colour coded.

Hotmapping work with
BBC Newsnight 

Hotmapping.co.uk have been asked to supply a set of thermal images for their "Ethical Man" slot.  Details

BBC Television Centre, London

More news here.

Georectification of aerial images, such as thermal, photographic and satellite data is carried out to enable map overlay in all GIS systems.

The data is also georeferenced, i.e. projected with a coordinate system, in order to allow it to interface with information from other databases within the GIS.



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Hotmapping.co.uk specialise in providing aerial thermal surveys, geo-rectification, image analysis and data mapping to business and government organisations in the UK. 

  • Aerial photographs - historic and new - seamlessly stitched together and georectified
  • Thermal surveys georectified to overlay maps in GIS systems
  • Spatial analysis allows at-a-glance interpretation of infra-red surveys - including old data
  • Complete heat-loss surveys of London available immediately
  • Ground-level images overlaid on corresponding digital photographs
  • Aerial site surveys for marketing and analysis
  • Turning location based data into maps.

Our many years of experience in surveying and computer generated imagery ensure that we can provide the right solution to meet your requirements.  All our image georectifying services are carried out in-house - we don't out-source no matter how large the job, so you are always dealing directly with the service provider.

We rectify and the join together images of all types so that they can be overlaid on maps, aerial photographs and satellite images.  If required, we can buy in the necessary map and aerial data, making us a one-stop service for your organisation.  We will provide you with files in a format that suits your GIS software such as ArcView, GPP and Cadcorp, and our rectified data is compatible with Ordnance Survey OS MasterMap amongst many other formats.

In our products section, we have infra-red aerial data-sets of most London boroughs available for immediate purchase. This data was collected by Horton Levi Ltd, specialists in thermal imaging, and can be geo-rectified to enable analysis of heat loss for property managers, energy officers, local authorities and individual organisations such as schools and hospitals.  We can georectify single images or entire LA areas to aid identification.  We can join the aerial images together to form a mosaic - a seamless heat loss map of central London.

For more information, please contact us here, or call on 07949 854412.

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